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The material of a roof may vary from lamininated glass, aluminium sheeting and precast concrete. In many parts of the earth ceramic tiles have been the dominant roofing material for centuries. Read More

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The construction of a roof is identified by its method of back up and how the underneath space is bridged and whether or not the roof is pitched. The pitch is the angle at which the roof rises. Read more

Solar Roofs

Solar roofs
Newer systems cover solar shingles which produce electricity as well as cover the roof. There are also solar systems available that produce hot water or hot air and which can also act as a roof covering.


Newer systems cover solar shingles which produce electricity as well as cover the roof. There are also solar systems available that produce hot water or hot air which can also act as a roof covering.Read more


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Roof Constructions

Roof ConstructionsThe most significant piece of any home is the roof. If it were not the roof above your head you would have the rain and snow falling on your head. While walking down a street you will come across various types of roofing constructions.
If you live in zone that receives a lot of rainfall then you should opt for a roof that is corrugated. The corrugated model allows the water to ditch off smoothly. People living in areas that have a lot of snow fall should opt for a slanting roof. A flat roof may not be able to take the heaviness of the snow and might just cave in. For people living in areas that have a warm atmosphere tiled roofs are the best selection. They help in keeping the home cool.
There are many factors that make one roof different from the other. The materials used to figure it, and the style they are built in, are some of the factors. The different types of roofs are:
* Mansard- this sort of roof is flat in configuration and is made of double pitch. This design is seen a lot in French constructions. These houses are apt for people who live in warm climate areas. The flat design allows the house to remain cool.
* Gable- these roofs are very well-liked. They are ideal for rain, snow and hail. As they are slating so the rain, snow and hail slide off easily. People living in areas with a lot rain and snow should opt of this sort of configuration.
* Hipped- this kind of roof construction is quite similar to the gabled. Hipped roofs slat to both sides of the home. For those houses that are square in form, the hipped roof resembles a pyramid. These roofs are apt for people who live in areas that have a lot of hurricanes. Due to its form, it is hard for a tornado to draw it off. However, for those houses that need a big attic space, a hipped roof is not at all recommendable. If you are having your roof constructed it is best to leave it in the hands of a expert. A roofing construction agency will be able to advice you on the kind of roof that will help your need best. It is recommendable that you engage a well-known agency as Roofing Athens OH to manage your roofing construction.
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roofing materials OhioRoofing is are made from materials that alter in price, weight, durability, color, and architectural type. The store for materials is dominated by asphalt shingles, tiles, metal products, and wood shingles or shakes. Here are some of the most ordinary types used today.
Wood shingles come in several different sizes, with varying exposures, and are commonly either shingles or shakes. Wood shingles and shakes usually are made of western red cedar, a long-lasting, direct-grained wood. Wood shakes are thicker and rougher, being split rather than sawn from the logs. Wooden roofs have a conventional life expectancy of 25 years, which is equivalent to many other roofs. Wood materials are not fire-resistant and some local codes may even demand that the wood be force-treated. Wooden roofs may not be appropriate for use in fire-prone areas. Wood materials often need more care than other roofing options, especially if you live in a harsh climate. Wood shingles are not permitted on slopes less than 3:12 and shakes are not permitted below 4:12. Wooden roof roofing was commonly used on old houses, but they have gained late fame on new homes built in traditional styles.
Asphalt Shingle
Asphalt roof shingles are the most ordinary covering used on residential properties in North America and account for half of the residential roofing supermarket in the western states, according to trade sources. These shingles will normally only last about 20 years, but covered in copper sheeting the entity of the asphalt shingles can smoothly be extended to between 30 and 40 years. In the absense of harsh weather conditions, asphalt shingles will keep up looking good with little care. These roofs are normally installed during warm months. Asphalt shingles can be installed during winter, but there could be a problem with how they bond to each other. The prime benefit of asphalt shingle roofing is lower charge than most other types. Another benefit is that they come in a variety of colors. 

Tile roofs initially charge a lot more to place than asphalt shingle or wood shake roofs, but they also last much longer. Tile has the peerless ability of being able to accent, or complement, the exterior color or conclude of any home or building. Tile is also your most energy-effective material selection, with better insulating properties than most other roofing materials. Tile roofing systems allow air circulation under the tile, reducing heat transfer to attics during fires. These roofs are charming to look at, are quite waterproof and weatherproof and add value to a house or trade, but they are not meant to be walked on! Tile is typically used in the more expensive custom homes.
The flat roof is used in both duty and residential structures. They are not as fascinating or favourite as their newer counterparts like slate, tile, or copper roofs. They also usually have a small degree of pitch to them so that water will run off to a drain system and not pond. Flat roofs can be made from a diversity of different materials and substances. They are most commonly built up with layers of molten asphalt and felts, or covered with a membrane of modified bitumin or asphalt base, or plastics or rubber. Flat roofs by Flat Roofing Athens OH do have a name to leak, but pitched (sloped) roofs are prone to ice dams which inevitably form with the freezing and thawing cycles causing leaking as well.
Aluminum is increasingly valued as a roofing material for many reasons. These roofs are seductive, long-lasting, energy-effective, and increasingly affordable. Aluminum roof mayterials are non-combustible, so they can never be ignited by fire or sparks from your chimney. Aluminum roofing does not warp, fracture, or burn and, different from steel, it is very corrosion-resistant and does not rust, which is a important benefit in coastal areas and places with a lot of precipitation or problems with acid rain. It is a preferred roofing material in hail-prone areas. Aluminum is also hellishly lightweight.
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Solar Roofs

Solar Roofs OhioToday, there are already multiple types of roofs that you can pick. One of these is called solar roofs.
Explaining how solar roofing materials job can be quite complex. After all, it involves a lot of chemical elements, including phosphorus and silicon. However, as their name implies, solar roofs are made up of solar panels. They depend on sunlight to generate energy that will allow batteries to run as well as present electricity to the whole household.
There are merely too many reasons why solar roofs may be perfect in today's house. Topping the catalogue is the reality that is it surroundings friendly. Electricity that is distributed in several places is generated by burning fossil fuels. Considering the amount of electricity needed these days, the companies should also burn a lot of these fossil fuels to meet the demand. This then brings about the firm deterioration of the environment, which then leads to climate change. If you wonder why summers are already visited by rains, then climate change is the response you are looking for something different than Metal Roofing Athens OH.
Worse, since these fossil fuels are non-renewable, they slowly become rare commodities, and thus their charge in the store continues to expand. It will not be long before a huge bulk of your family income will go to paying for electricity. In fact, in studies conducted, your electrical invoice will rise up to 7 percent every year.
When you use solar energy to come up with power into your house, you are actually doing your share in protecting the atmosphere. First, you can cut down the acid rain emissions to as much as 1,100 pounds. Acid rain can cause the death of plants and animals, especially marine life. It will also bring about the premature deterioration of infrastructure, since the acid can dig its way into steel.
What's more, there will be lesser barrels of oil to be needed. This means that there will be less pollution and, of course, less electrical bills. As a matter of fact, a lot of homes that are located off the grid and only rely on solar energy do not have to pay for any electricity. It is not weird to save hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.
You can also start a business with solar energy. Depending on how much power you can produce from the panels, you can "sell" electricity to your neighbors. In the end, you are able to get return from your investment, as well as help your neighborhood in cutting their dependency on electricity and lowering their electrical bills. It is not rare awareness, though, that solar panels can be costly. However, you also have to remember that you are going to make a one-moment investment. This is because your source of energy is renewable. As long as there is sunlight, you can always have enough electricity to run your appliances and even supply you with warmth and heat during colder months.
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Commercial Roofing Athens OH

Commercial Roofing Athens OHWhile you are in the planning stage of your Commercial Roofing building project we suggest that you talk to Commercial Roofing Athens OH first. We have the practice and business awareness to help you with the choice of the best metal roofing products and their use for your project.

Our crew of tradesmen are fully skilled and competent professionals who have a solid commitment to help you gain the highest criterion of craftsmanship for your project.

Commercial Sheet Metal Roofing Repair and Replacement by Commercial Roofing Athens OH

Set free yourself thousands by getting the job right first moment and by replacing only the zone of your steel roof, or other, that needs replacement. Our techniques guarantee a smooth, weatherproof finish by our expert commercial & industrial roofing company.

Get in touch with us on (614) 316-6519 or (740) 797-2882 (FAX) or find us at 50 N Court St, Athens, OH 45701

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Roofing Athens OH

Roofing Athens OHRoofing Athens OH is an established roofing company servicing Athens Ohio. Our specialty lies in industrial/commercial metal and flat roof associated job, including sheet metal roofing and waterproofing. Our heat reflective membrane is very effective in lowering air con costs in commercial premises. Whether its roofing, roof restoration, cleaning or repair, metal roofing Roofing Athens OH has the answer to make sure your roof looks as new and your pockets are still full. Roofing Athens OH is a 100% American family owned and operated company specializing in all Athens OH based roof repairs such as re-cementing the ridge capping and transforming the looks of your house. Please have a look over our website and do email us ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  ) if you ask for any help or would like an obligation free quote (614) 316-6519 or (740) 797-2882 (FAX) for our roofing services. Roofing Athens OH services the Ohio area, with services that include: Roof Re-ridging, Roof repairs and cleaning, Roof Re-pointing, Metal roof painting, Roof painting, Recolouring and glazing, Free roof inspections, recommendation and quotes
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